Employee Assistance Program 

CIGNA's Employee Assistance Program provides a one-stop source for confidential assistance to help you manage work and life demands. Alcoa provides this benefit to you and your family members at no cost to you.

Through these programs, you can obtain services for you or a household member at your convenience. You can:

  • arrange local, face-to-face counseling sessions (up to six sessions per "problem" event)
  • talk to a representative (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week) for quick access to information, resources, community referrals, or for immediate help during a crisis
  • find additional information online at any time

All counseling services are provided by experienced, master's-level consultants who will work with you to clarify your concerns and develop a plan to resolve them.

Services include assistance with life situations that may be causing you to be concerned, such as:

  • work issues
  • education and schooling
  • marital or couple issues
  • parenting and child care issues
  • resources for seniors
  • disability and accessibility
  • addiction and recovery
  • legal matters
  • stress
  • financial issues
  • emotional well-being


Treatment Not Covered by the Programs 

The EAP provides short-term assessment and problem-solving for up to six sessions per "problem" event. Should an issue require more extensive counseling or expertise, the EAP will refer you to a provider as quickly as individual needs can be determined.

Counseling services or medical treatment of a condition not covered by Alcoa's medical plan may be reimbursable from the Health Care Fund or Health Reimbursement Arrangement, if you participate in either plan.

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Need help kicking the habit?
Employee Assistance Program offers free smoking cessation programs to Alcoa employees and family members.