Highmark Health Coaches


Highmark, Alcoa's medical claims administrator, provides Blues on Call, a telephone number you can call to speak with a nurse or other health professional any time of the day or night. These calls are free, and you may find that talking to a professional is helpful in lots of situations. Here are some reasons why you may want to call:

  • you or a family member has a new diagnosis, and you want to get more information about the condition
  • your child has unfamiliar symptoms and you're not sure what to do
  • you don't know if your situation is a true emergency or if you can wait to see your regular doctor
  • you're preparing to meet with your specialist about a potential procedure, and you want to make sure you know all the right questions to ask
  • your primary care doctor didn't have the time to explain your test results to you in detail, and you want to know more

Here’s the number for Blues on Call: 1-888-BLUE-428