Tuition Assistance Program


Alcoa offers the Tuition Assistance Program to help full-time active employees improve their current job performance and to prepare for future job responsibilities. The program directly pays your school or reimburses you for eligible expenses that you incur when you satisfactorily complete an approved course or degree program. You are eligible for the program if you are actively at work.


Covered Courses


To be approved, individual courses or degree programs must:

  • be part of your Performance Management individual development plan, if you are a salaried employee
  • be approved by your supervisor, Human Resources, and business unit president or resource unit leader (for courses beginning after July 1, 2009)
  • help you maintain or improve your performance in your current job
  • broaden your perspective and skills to better deal with other Alcoa functions and businesses when your interaction with them is essential
  • help prepare you for another specific Alcoa job opportunity to which you aspire, and which, in the opinion of management, is a reasonable prospect for you
  • be clearly beneficial for both you and the company

Eligible courses include the following:

  • college courses offered through a nationally or regionally accredited college or university; contact the program administrator to verify if a school is accredited
  • courses and degree programs delivered online and offered by an accredited college or university
  • extension courses, if they are required for a degree program and are not offered at a nearby accredited college or university
  • stand-alone courses not taken in conjunction with obtaining a degree (Note: Alcoa will pay for two approved non-degree courses per calendar year.)

Graduate degree programs (including an Executive MBA Program) that require permission for time away from your job may be covered with special approval. Because of the need for individual selection, program approval must be granted by the human resources department of the business unit or resource unit, with elected officer involvement as appropriate.


Eligible Expenses


The program covers the following expenses:

  • 100% of your tuition if you earn a C- or better for undergraduate courses or a B- or better for graduate courses
  • application fees (one-time only)
  • registration fees
  • laboratory fees
  • computer usage fees (up to $100)
  • professional review courses (e.g., Professional Engineer, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Bar, etc.)
    College Level Equivalency Placement (CLEP) tests, if successfully completed

Expenses Not Covered 

Certain expenses are not covered by the program:

  • college fees
  • student activity fees
  • books
  • fees for professional exams (e.g., Professional Engineer, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Bar, etc.)
  • off-campus fees
  • portfolio review fees
  • travel and transportation costs

Applying for Benefits 


To apply for tuition assistance, you must complete an application and a Tuition Assistance Repayment Agreement and submit them to your supervisor. Beginning with courses that start after July 1, 2009, approval by Human Resources and your business unit president or resource unit leader is also required. You can obtain the forms online at


By completing the repayment agreement, you agree to reimburse Alcoa for your last 12 months of tuition and fees if you leave (voluntarily or are terminated with cause) within three years of completing your last course. The amount you are required to pay back depends on how long you stay after completing your courses. Note: The payback provision only applies to courses taken after July 1, 2009.


The payback schedule:

  • 100% payback if you leave (voluntarily or are terminated with cause) within one year of last course taken
  • 75% payback if you leave (voluntarily or are terminated with cause) from one to two years of last course taken
  • 50% payback if you leave (voluntarily or are terminated with cause) from two to three years of last course taken

For More Information 


If you have additional questions concerning the Tuition Assistance Program, you may contact the program administrator at 1-866-907-0240 or your local human resources representative. You can also go online to


For additional details, refer to your Work & Personal Life Benefit Programs Booklet in your Total Compensation Binder.


Or contact General Physics